Volvo on Call

Control your car with a touch of a button. Get Help When You Need It Whether you get a flat tire, breakdown, or get into an accident, we’re there to send assistance anywhere.

Volvo on Call
Volvo on Call is a service that allows you to control your car wherever you're located and offers a plethora of services to make your life a little easier.
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Volvo Manual App
Need help learning how to use your Volvo? Download our Volvo Manual Mobile App to find the answers right at your fingertips.
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Volvo Manual Online
Find all the relevant information about your Volvo vehicle online. Discover how to use the different functions available to you.
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Support Page
Do you have questions concerning your Volvo vehicle? Discover all the resources provided to you on Volvo Canada’s website.
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Learn About Your Volvo

Your Volvo offers a variety of technologies that will improve your safety and make your life easier. With its many applications, connectivity devices and assistive technologies, your Volvo and your life have never been so connected. Discover all the technologies and functions of your vehicle today.

A Host of Apps Are Included with Your Volvo

Your new Volvo offers several connectivity technologies like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, TuneIn and Stitcher to access your favourite music, and features like Weather, Find Fuel and Yelp are included in the navigation system.

New vehicles also feature Volvo On Call, a set of features that connect you more than ever to your vehicle. Thanks to Volvo on Call and various apps, you can always check on the status of your vehicle remotely.

Your Volvo can also notify you if you need service and contact your dealer to schedule the appointment. With its many advanced technologies, Volvo is able to make life on board, as well as life as a Volvo vehicle owner much more enjoyable.

Learn more today about all of the new vehicles and their exclusive features.